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Some decades ago, carpet or carpeting was the preferred floor method used in almost every second home. The introduction of other floor methods coupled with the need to change people has led to a decline in the popularity of carpets. However, the trend towards fitted carpets is becoming popular again with this generation, and rightly so, as these carpets have certain advantages that other flooring options do not offer. In this article, I will list the pros and cons of carpeting and convince you that carpeting is the way to the future.


There are numerous benefits of carpeting. The main reasons why you should choose carpets are:

Reduced energy costs leading to higher savings. This is because carpets naturally insulate the cold weather and keep your home warm. In western countries with a cold climate like the US and Canada, this is the best reason to buy a wall-to-wall carpet.

Every luxury hotel or location you see in the movies has carpeting and honest carpets give your home a first-class feel and look.

Carpets do not hurt like other floors. Carpets are usually soft and if you accidentally fall, you will not be in pain or get a broken hip bone!

Carpets are relatively easy to care for. A weekly vacuum will keep your carpet clean.

Come in any color, shape and size, so you have many options available.


Everything in this world is not perfect and the same goes for carpets. So let's take a look at the shortcomings:

The first disadvantage of carpets is that they absorb and store the dust particles in the air. These lead to the formation of bacteria and can lead to an allergic reaction in some people who are prone to allergies.

Second, carpets are not durable and durable, and if they are exposed to another chemical during the cleaning process, the color may fade or the fabric may be damaged.

It can be clearly seen that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, and so I would like to conclude by saying that carpets should be given priority from wall to wall when you live in a cold country with a limited budget but want all the luxuries.