Unfinished Oak Flooring · Untreated Natural Oak Floors

Unfinished Oak Flooring · Untreated Natural Oak Floors

Good soil quality is a major concern of all homeowners. Hardwoods are often the best materials, although they are slightly more expensive compared to softwoods. Oak is one of the many hardwoods from which you can source high quality lumber. This article explains some aspects of using untreated oak parquet.

What is unfinished oak parquet?

Unfinished oak parquet is an oak flooring that has not yet been finished so people can move on. It is therefore sold in plank form and the owners often decide whether they want to do the refining themselves or not.

Advantages of raw floors

Customizability - With this type of flooring you can choose the type of surface that suits your given environment. So you can customize the finish at home to your existing colors. In this way you can get your own unique finish and combine the flooring with all the existing ones in the areas of your home.

Natural look - The untreated floor perfectly emphasizes the natural look of the oak. Since the pickling and lamination of the wood often leads to the loss of the beauty of the wood, unfinished flooring offers most home users the opportunity to make the natural beauty and grain of the wood clearly visible.

Unfinished floors offer these benefits, but there are also some concerns about installation. The work required to finish the floor is usually very demanding and a specialist in sanding and finishing is required. Without this expert, overall work is bad and the desired outcome may not be achieved.

Advantages of untreated oak for flooring

Oak wood is extremely durable; There are 200-year-old oak wood, which was recovered for the production of flooring. This has made it popular in many soil projects.

Oak has a very attractive grain, which is ideal for floors. The grain has very beautiful patterns that give the wood floor style, which most other hardwoods would not offer so easily.

It is very easy to dye and dye oak wood; This makes it the perfect material for unfinished floors. Homeowners can thus use a wide range of colors for the unfinished oak floor.

Oak wood is naturally very resistant to insect and fungal attack. This means less money for repairs and replacement.