Vintage Persian Heriz Rug – 8’8” X 12’2”

Vintage Persian Heriz Rug – 8’8” X 12’2”

Heriz is a small village on the slopes of Mount Sabalan in Azerbaijan. These carpets made there are mainly woven by hand. Heriz carpets are known for their craftsmanship in terms of carpets and the texture of the carpet. They are also known to be extremely durable, long enough to pass from one generation to the next. Authentic Heriz rugs are woven in wool, but there are also rugs made of silk. Among the oriental rugs, Heriz rugs are regarded as coveted possessions.

Here are some of the key points on the Heriz rugs.


The most commonly used material for the Heriz carpets is wool, which is sheared by sheep from the villages around the slopes of Mount Sabalan. It is said that the water of this mountain has a higher proportion of copper in the water, and due to the consumption of this water by all in this region, it is found that the wool of the sheep has traces of copper, resulting in these high values โ€‹โ€‹of high quality carpets ,

In general, you can find the authentic Heriz carpets made of wool, but it is difficult to land on an authentic Heriz carpet made of silk. Compared to the wool carpets, these are much softer and known for the intrinsic art of weaving. The silk rugs from Heriz are usually listed in the antique collection lists and can cost a fortune. They are usually issued by collectors for auctions.


The authentic Heriz carpets are known as rough carpets. These rugs can vary in the number of knots ranging from very coarse to coarse. Expressed in numbers, they range from 20 knots to 120 knots per square inch.


The authentic and old Heriz rugs were usually dyed in vegetable colors. The younger ones use the more conventional synthetic dyes. They are known to use bold colors. The most common color is deep red and it is said that with age, this color only enhances the effect it produces. Usually they use a mix of red with gold or cream to get a good contrast. Blue is another color of choice, but not as common as red.


Heriz carpets are usually available in these categories: room carpets, carpet runners and floor carpets. They are usually made from wool, with cotton as the basis for the carpets.

In the West, Heriz carpets are a common complement in buildings such as the hotels and showrooms where they are exhibited and where there is less human trafficking. Given the price, this is a rather rare addition to the house. However, the size of the carpet runner is often found in the houses.