Woven Finger-Knitting Hula-Hoop Rug DIY

Teppich weben mit Holahoop

Carpeting is the best part of furniture that can be used to perfect the final surfaces of a home or office. The carpet gives the place where it is placed a spacious touch. It is available in different prices from cheap to expensive, the choice is huge.

Choosing the beat carpet for the home is not that easy, even though it looks like that. There are certain factors that should be considered before choosing the best rug for your place. Let's take a closer look at the carpet selection process.


Generally, there are three main elements that should be considered before buying a rug.


The first element to consider when choosing the carpet is the color. It's better to stick to a plain carpet if the room where you want to place the carpet is already multi-colored. The color of the floor, walls and furniture plays a major role in the final choice of carpet.


This is the aspect that is not normally considered, but plays an important role in the selection of carpets. If the texture of the sofa is as soft as velvet, a carpet should be chosen in a multi-colored, darker shade. For monochromatic sofas, the carpet should be printed with contrasting color.


When choosing a carpet for the dining room, it should be noted that the carpet under the dining table should be so large that it even extends over the space covered by the table and chairs. For the small size carpet, the shape of the carpet should be considered important. A round or oval rug looks fantastic in a square room. For a rectangular room, the rectangular shaped carpet is the perfect complement.


The cleaning of carpets is another factor that affects the life of a carpet. Sometimes coarsely treated carpets that are washed with harsh chemicals spoil the color and texture of the carpet. Regular vacuuming is best for a longer life of the carpet. Basically, hard spots are not removed without the use of hard chemicals. Therefore, professional hands should be used to clean these stains.

With proper care, the carpet can be given a longer life.